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Peace and Global Witness Offering
Season of Peace

Please note, a transaction fee will be taken out of your donation-

please verify donation amount upon receipt.



We kick off our Season of Peace on Sunday September 4th

which also has our Focus on Mission for the Peace and Global Witness offering.

Finding, sharing or spreading peace can seem like a daunting task in our 

world; so many variables, goals and types of peace - both inner and outer.

Our journey looks at "Peace Begins in our Community"

as we learn about the many local organizations we support

that bring peace to families and individuals. 


Our share of this year's offering (25%) will be going to an amazing program

called New Heart Place which helps people (and their families)

find peace in their struggle with addiction(s) through Faith Based Recovery.

“I will give you a new heart with new and right desires, and I will put a new 

spirit in you.” (Ezekiel 36:26).  No longer is life lived with the self-talk 

and identity of “once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.”  Suddenly – miraculously – 

life can be lived as a “new creation in Christ;” an authentic disciple of Jesus Christ. 


You can learn more about this at and, of course, during

Sunday services.  Thank you for your generous and amazing support.


Let us pray —

Holy Spirit, stir in each of us a desire to serve you and your people. As we offer these gifts to help,

may we also commit ourselves to offering the fullness of our authentic selves

to the benefit of all your people. Amen.

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