Hear the Voices Crying Out


"My fear has only grown in the last few years when I see the racism increasing because it seems like those in power are fanning the flames. I wish I didn’t have to comfort my stepdaughter when she tells me she’s afraid to get her driver’s license in a couple years because what if the police pull her over. I wish I didn’t have to stay away from Astoria, OR because the last time I was there and went to a restaurant to have lunch and watch the football game, I was stared at by ALL the patrons until I could take it no more and walked right back out. I wish I didn’t have to think about where my family goes on vacation, even locally, because the small towns feel less safe and you worry that the next door neighbor will have an irrational fear that black people are now staying next door. I wish I didn’t have to sit in a Wal-Mart parking lot on Whidbey Island because the person that pulled up next to us looked at us like we didn’t belong and we were afraid to get out of the car because my stepdaughter was with us and we didn’t want any trouble- all we wanted was bacon and eggs. I wish I didn’t lose sleep nightly worrying about my stepson who lives in another state now and has the tendency to buck authority, that he will get himself in trouble, praying that his mother who is white and cannot possibly understand our concern is giving him at least some kind of guidance. 


I wish, I hope, and I pray this THIS time all the unrest spurned from the unfortunate deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many others will not be just horrendously tragic but will truly be a force for change. It is time. This must stop. Who gives anyone the right to say that I am less than anyone else? No one, NO ONE has that right. This has gone on for way too long and I pray every day that one day the dreams that Martin Luther King Jr spoke of will actually come true."


This is just one of the many voices crying out from over 400 years of racism and a justice system that has failed them. We must do better. Now is the time. It is time to not sit idly by but to stand up in support of our fellow man/woman/child- Children of God- who are suffering. Now is the time to listen. To gain awareness and a depth of understanding for those who are being mistreated. Jesus teaches us to love our neighbor as ourselves and to be a servant to those in need. Black lives are in need and God is calling us to respond.

Blessings as Partners in God's Ministry,

Jana Harvey

TVPC Leadership

Terrace View Presbyterian Church

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